List Of Obas That Ruled Ancient Benin Kingdom Till Date

List Of Obas That Ruled Ancient Benin Kingdom Till Date

It is important to note that the first dynasty of Benin Kingdom was the Ogiso dynasty where they had rulers who were regarded as the Kings of the Sky. There are many of the kings as their number varies from depending on which tradition followed.

It is also important to know that Eweka dynasty was founded from the king of Ife who responded to the requested the Benin in regards to an king who is actually from Benin. The king of Ife know as the Oni of Ife then sent his son Oranmiyan.

Benin was so hot for him as he faced a lot of problems that made him to leave Benin . On his way home, he stopped briefly at Ego where he impregnated the daughter of the Duke of Ego called Erimwinde. She gave birth to Oba Eweka the first Oba of Benin.

Below are the names of OBA’S that have ruled Benin kingdom till date…



  • Eweka I. (1180–1246)
  • Uwuakhuahen. (1246–1250)
  • Ehenmihen (1250–1260)
  • Ewedo (1260–1274)
  • Oguola. (1274–1287)
  • Edoni (1287–1292)
  • Udagbedo (1292–1329)
  • Ohen (1329–1366)
  • Egbekab. (1366–1397)
  • Orobiru (1397–1434)
  • Uwaifiokun (1434–1440)
  • Ewuare (1440-1473)
  • Ezoti (1473–1475)
  • Olua. (1475–1480)
  • Ozolua (1480–1504)
  • Esigie (1504–1547)
  • Orhogbua (1547–1580)
  • Ehengbuda (1580–1602)
  • Ohuan. (1602–1656)
  • Ohenzae. (1656–1661)
  • Akenzae (1661–1669)
  • Akengboi (1669–1675)
  • Akenkpaye (1675–1684)
  • Akengbedo (1684–1689)
  • Ore-Oghene (1689–1701)
  • Ewuakpe. (1701–1712)
  • Ozuere. (1712–1713)
  • Akenzua I. (1713–1740
  • Eresoyen (1740–1750)
  • Akengbuda (1750–1804)
  • Obanosa (1804–1816)
  • Ogbebo. (1816-1816)
  • Osemwende (1816–1848)
  • Adolo. (1848–1888)
  • Ovonramwen Nogbaisi (1888–1914)
  • Eweka II. (1914–1933)
  • Akenzua II (1933–1978)
  • Erediauwa (1979-2016)
  • Ewuare II (2016- till date
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We also use this medium to congratulate the newly crowned Oba of Benin Kingdom, THE OMO N’ OBA N’ EDO UKU AKPOLORKPOLOR OBA EWUARE THE SECOND.

The picture above is where Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole presenting staff of office to his Royal Majesty, Omo N’ Oba N’ Edo, Uku Akpolokpolo, Oba Ewuare N’ Ogidigan II Oba of Benin. The 4oth Oba of Benin Kingdom.

Concerning the mistake people made over the new Oba as the 39th Oba of Benin, the Oba during his thanksgiving speech corrected the mistake, stating that he is actually the 40th Oba of Benin and not the 39th Oba.

His Majesty said that they omitted mistakenly Oba Oramiyan, the father of Ewaka 1 who returned back to Ile Ife. Remember that Oba Oraminyan was the first son of Oduduwa, the lost prince of the Benin called Ekaladeran. Oba Oramiyan relocated back to Ife when he could not bear the problem he was having and on his way he met the daughter of Duke of Egor and got her pregnant. She later gave birth to Oba Eweka.

Because Oba Oramiyan was crown in Benin but left late, historians omitted him and never counted him as one of the Obas that have existed in Benin. Therefore, on the thanksgiving speech made by the current Oba of Benin, he vividly corrected the misplacement, thereby making him to be the 40th Oba of  Benin till date.

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