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Technology as at today is evolving at really very fast pace leaving many manufacturers no option other than to move with the pace. Ever since the Luddites smashed their first loom mechanization has been putting people out of work; the process is speeding up accelerating all the time and the net wave could be crashing down, near you soon.
A variety of new technologies are emerging on a daily basis with advanced robotics machines performing task that ordinarily requires the use of human brains to perform. While humanoid robotic butlers are still beyond our capabilities, exciting strides are being made in applying the power of robotics to meet daily household needs.

LG Electronics as a leading brand in the electronics market has once again proven that innovation is the mother of all invention, with the LG Hom-Bot square which is ushering an array of smart cleaning devices. The new improved Hom-Bot is equipped with advanced deep learning technology and has this unique feature of HomeView and HomeGuard which enables it to recognize any form of interference and automatically adjust itself accordingly. Consumers will no doubt enjoy the less stressful process of cleaning the entire house with the aid of Hom-Bot square and the Lawn Mowing Robots.

A renowned Professor of economics Richard Baldwin once predicted that “Hotel room in London could be cleaned by people driving robots sitting in Kenya or Buenos Aires or wherever in the world”. This is a clear indication that the world would someday be driven by advanced robotic technologies as we are presently witnessing the introduction of these innovative technologies in the market. We can find these devices in our homes, offices and public spaces. The advent of these devices would no doubt help in quickening the timely completion of task and also boost productivity.

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However, the emergence of smart home technology has totally altered dialogue about the role of technology around living rooms. Technology has advanced to level that it now communicates and get individual components connected to guarantee efficiency and greater optimization in the home. LG’s Hub robot is good example of technology that can address the concerns of an entire smart home together under a single-user friendly interface. Amazon Alexa’s voice recognition technology easily allows the robot to connect to other smart LG home appliances, bringing them under a single streamlined ecosystem.

Head of Corporate Marketing, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Rajesh Agnihotri said:

“For us in LG futuristic technology is here with us and that is why we are incorporated robotic mechanism into our designs for smarter homes, as well as up scaling existing products and also introduce newer ones that will meet the needs of our consumers”.

The aviation industry across the world are not left out, as they are experiencing dramatic intervention all thanks to the LG’s Airport Guide Robots which now applies advanced technology to address challenges of air travel by drastically reducing time wasting. The Airport Guide Robot is a wonderful innovation that scans ticket barcodes to provide flight information as well as time and weather condition of intended travelers’ destination. Interestingly, the robot has been programmed to speak four different languages (English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese) with the aid of its voice control and recognition technology.

LG’ advanced deep learning technology offers an unparalleled level of performance as well as personalized customer experience. Worthy of note is LG’s DeepThinQTM which has incorporated advance Artificial Intelligence technology into the making of home appliances that now enable the products to adjust to the consumer’s routine patterns. For instance the Smart InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator performs tasks based on past behavior, like automatically filling the ice tray at such a time when consumers would mostly likely need the ice and also provides optimal temperature and humidity conditions based on the food stored inside the refrigerator.

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With the astronomical rate at which manufacturers are infusing robotic technologies in their product features it would be safe to say this would mark a substantial shift in the way consumers think about the role of technology in their everyday lives. This is the time to brace up and face the undisputable reality that the era of robotic technology is no longer in the future but rather has arrived earlier than expected. LG electronics is in the forefront championing these technological innovations that would impact greatly on the existence of mankind.

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