LATEST: Finger-Chop Challenge Spreads Across Social Media To Protest Zuma

South Africans have had enough of Zuma. The “Finger-Chop Challenge” has begun to spread across social media, with teens and college students reportedly cutting off their fingers in an effort to raise awareness about the “evils of Jacob Zuma” as President.

“Zuma is a disgusting, sick” said Michelle Muzondi, 19, a college sophomore at UJ. “I chopped off all of my  fingers on a livestream on Facebook. I left just the middle finger on one hand, because f*ck Zuma, that’s why.”

Following in a dangerous trend of challenges like the dead pose or ice and bucket challenges, the new finger-chop challenge opens up an entire new world of issues for parents, as well as the teens stooping to such ignorant levels.

“My son has done the challenge 4 times, and each time, he’s cut off a new finger. He’s down to just the pinky on his left hand,” said Mama Khumalo of her son, Xolani Khumalo, 17. “Frankly, though, I’m proud of him. He’s taking a stand against Zuma, and he’s also raised a lot of awareness about Zuma. Last I knew, he had over 300 views on his YouTube video.”

Health officials are warning parents, though, of the dangers of their children cutting off their own fingers for internet notoriety.

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