Kingsley Kuku arrest: Buhari is turning Nigeria to a Police Station – Ijaw youths


Below is a statement from the Ijaw youth council, signed by its President, Pereotubo Oweilaemi;

“The unprovoked and unlawful invasion of the residence of the former Coordinator of the Presidential Amnesty Programme and Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta Affairs, Hon Kingsley Kuku at his country home, Arogbo town in Ondo State in the name of looking for suspected Kidnappers is barbaric and unconstitutional. IYC has investigated the activities of the trigger-happy security officials that have carried out the dastardly act.

While the Nigerian Police has been empowered to search any premises, no law has empowered them to enter into any premises without a warrant except a suspect is seen running into any premises. The Police who came from the IG’s office, Abuja to specifically search the house did not come with a search warrant neither did they allow a third party to accompany them into the premises to witness the search.

What they came to do at Hon Kingsley Kuku’s house at Arogbo Town is an execution of illegality. There might be an ulterior motive other than their lawful assignment. IYC has agreed with the victim, Hon Kingsley Kuku that his assailants, the Nigeria Police was on a mission to plant an exhibit in his house in order to frame him up. What is Nigeria turning into? Why is President Buhari gradually turning the Country into a Police State?

Ijaw Youths will not allow prominent citizens of Ijaw nation who have contributed so much to build peace not only in the Niger Delta region but also to the entire Country to be humiliated by the present Government. The invasion of Arogbo town by these so-called trigger-happy security agencies in the name of carrying out a search at Hon Kuku’s house is a subtle declaration of war against the peaceful Ijaw Community in Ondo State.

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Hon Kingsley Kuku is not less a mean man for the Police to carry out such dastardly act of brigandage. What they do to the innocent and law-abiding citizen who is not even in the house is a clear robbery of the rule of law in broad daylight. This is the height of executive rascality by political players in the Buhari’s Government.

President Buhari and the IG of Police should immediately call these overbearing Police officers to order before they turn our fledgeling democracy into a harvest of anarchy. For Kingsley Kuku’s sacrificial services to this Country alone ought to have endeared him with dignity and so should have been treated with respect. Though he is not above the law, execution of lawful order against him should be carried out in accordance with the letters and the spirit of the enabling laws of the land.

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