It Feels Good Having One Of The Biggest Bums In Nollywood – Didi Ekanem Speaks

Didi Ekanem, a Nollywood actress, has repeated time and time again that she would rather be noticed or recognised for her talent rather than for her big bum which always seems to get in the way.

But belying her secret wish is the smugness that lights up her face when she gets compliments over Mother Nature’s gift.                              “It’s a good feeling and a wonderful one,” she had beamed when asked how she feels having one of the biggest bums in Nollywood. “But I won’t lie to you, as much as I love it so much, I just wish people would focus more on my talent than my bum. All the concentration out there is on my bum not my talent.

I would honestly wish people to see me as a talented actress not a sexy one. But my bum is not allowing people to see me deep down, to see the person and the talent,” she quickly added.

On whether it is real or not, “People always say this whenever they see my bum. The last time I was on Linda Ikeji, I read comments people made and there were more questions about whether my bum was real or worked on. Some said it is made of plastic but you are here now and can see there is no artificial embellishment or augmentation.

My bum is real, it’s like 101% real, I was born this way, I was born like this. I’ve had it since I was in JS1, in fact that was when I started noticing it. Then I never loved it, if I have to tell you the things that I’ve gone through because of my mum, you won’t believe me.”

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