Impacts & Characteristics Of The Renaissance

Impacts & Characteristics Of The Renaissance

The renaissance has left a mark on the map of history and charted a course which, one must say, cannot be reversed or  deflected. It is indeed true to say that renaissance was a brake with the past. Renaissance brought with it much that was good. It was an era of ideology, a time of rebellious poise against agistaful past . It was an era characterized by a surge of interest in classical learning and values. Renaissance actually means “Rebirth”


1. The Renaissance introduced literary excellence: This was as a result of the fact that they can use literature to a new literally to a new literature excellence.

2. Art: Apart from the striving for literary excellence, the renaissance had something else to offer and that was in the field of art. A new style in the construction of the building began to appear. The building of the arch now came into prominence. The dome which expresses majesty began to be employed in the erection of churches and palace.

3. Music: Music also expressed a change. The use of instrument to the exclusion of human voices was developed. It was Orlando di Lasso who reformed profane music.

4. Scholarship: Student were sent to Italy on scholarship to study and come back to reproduce the same thing in their own country.

5. Architecture: In architecture, the style which consisted mainly on straight and angled structure came to be modified and to be known as Tudor Style.

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6. Universities: The renaissance led to establishments many courses like law, theology, medical sciences etc.

7. Competition Of Ideas: The renaissance period was the time of ideology. Student could now compare and challenge ideas.

8. New Trend In Economy: There arose a monies aristocracy and various devices were now invented to help in making money. For the sake of it, or rather economic thought became fiscally profit oriented. The accumulation  of money led to the establishment of the first trading companies.


1. Mark of individuality: Renaissance era was an era that was characterized by individual thinkers.

2. The renaissance was an idealistic revolutionary move that was targeted in bringing back the civilization of the past.

3. Renaissance was centered on man and his society.

4. The renaissance had an impact on the mind of the Europeans.

5. The renaissance started from Italy and spread to the other part of Europe.


1. Art which were artistic designs e.g design of building.

2. Architectural Piece.

3. Literature

4. Politics/Government

5. Diplomacy because they realized that in order for them to be great, they need to be great.

6. Religion

They started in Italy because Italy was the center of Roman activities.


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