How To Make Social Media Secure For Kids?

The social media over the years has become dangerous for kids to the fullest. The reason behind the vulnerabilities of the social networking apps is the presence of online predators that has made the social platforms as their epicenter. It means, socially the instant messengers are governed by the cyber predators. They chase young teens and minors online and harm them online by using the social media apps as their cover.


Obviously, it gives them anonymity and least risky ways to hunt the young ones. Furthermore, apart from cyber predators, the excessive use of social messaging apps are leading young kids and teens towards the social dangers such as watching adult content, obsession with the use of social messaging apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Whatsapp, Yahoo and plenty of others alike. However, young children may also get the habit of sexting and learn self-harming challenges from the digital world.


Things are veered: What to do?

Yeah! There is no doubt about that, social media apps are veered, but think for instance, is it really a social media veered or the people who use it made it a dangerous place for kids. Obviously, the users have made it such a pathetic place for kids and teens that mostly harm kids online mentally, emotionally and physically as well.

So, there is big insecurities have risen in minds of the parents about the protection of their children and none of the parents will ignore it if come to know to the fullest. Technology has provided all these social media apps platforms over the years, but the technology has the solution for parents as well to secure the social media to the fullest for the young generation.

Now, we have multiple Spy apps for gadgets such as Android, IOS, and blackberries. The rain of cell phones has made kids own their smartphones, so use such secure and well-protected cell phone monitoring software that enable parents to secure the social media for kids.



Install the cell phone spy app on your kid’s phone



Go for the subscription of the TheOneSpy and get the user ID and PIN. Now install the mobile phone monitoring software on kids and teens cell phone. The moment you have done with the user-friendly installation process and the time you have activated the tracking app for a phone on the target device. Use your ID and password and get access to the cell phone surveillance software web portal. Now you can visit the social media tracking tools and remotely phone controlling tools that will help you out to secure the social networking platforms for children.


How it does work?


Once you have to get the access to the cell phone spying app online dashboard, visit the features and chose the one that you really want to. Tap on the particular feature and follow the procedure and create a bug and send it to the target smartphone. The moment you have sent it on the target phone and the time it is received, very next time you can get access to the results in the control panel and Parents Can Make Internet Safe for Kid.


Use remotely phone controller


It is the best tool that cell phone tracking spyware has even introduced. The user can remotely make secure the social media for kids. Use can remotely view and block inappropriate text messages from the strangers, blocking incoming calls and in case of emergency when a kid is listening to the incoming calls from an online predator, parents can block the internet access on the target cell phone.

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IM’s social media

Parents can monitor the social messaging apps complete activities in order to protect young kids from online predators. Parents can view the IM’s logs such as text messages conversations, audio, and video calls, shared media and others. This will really help out parents to get to know what sort of activities kid is going to do and what type of activities they already have done. In-case of any danger, parents can make prior arrangements to save the child.




Parents can get their hands on all the keystrokes applied to the target cell phone and social media login and get password and ID of the messengers. So, parents can use these keystrokes and get access into the social media accounts of kids and change their profile settings if not fixed properly such as complete names, contact number, school name and home address and photos on custom mode.




Banning social media accounts for your kids is not the right solution; you need to secure the social media for kids. You can do this by using the cell phone tracking app and can secure the social media for kids and prevent the possible dangers fully. Let’s do it and get your hands on the best mobile phone surveillance software.


Ailsa Bronwen is a writer, Journalist Social media activist & Freelancer Technology Writer. Currently she is affiliated with TheOneSpy. To know more about her, follow her on Twitter @ailsabronwen40


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