GIST: Euphonik Turns Down Skolopad’s Request

Skolopad offered Euphonik a chance to date her and make him forget about his ex girlfriend Bonang Matheba but the DJ is not interested in having an affair with the controversial personality.

“Look, I am perfectly happy and peaceful in my relationship. It’s very peaceful. We are happy and I don’t want stress. So, thank you, but no thanks,” Euphoniktold Times Live

Skilopad had earlier described Euphonik as a “beautiful man”. “Euphonik is a beautiful man. He looks like he’s the wild type too. I like that, I like him. I wouldn’t even mind sharing him with his main woman. Have you seen his muscles? I mean, I think I can also help him get over Bonang. The woman has moved on. Clearly he hasn’t, but I can help him,” she said.


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