How To Get Rid Of Visible Panty Lines

It’s one thing to know how to remedy a problem but prevention they say is better than cure yes? We’ve spoken before about a few style problems only women understand but today we’re going to be focusing on the problem of a Visible Pant Line – VPL

Hands up if you’ve ever had a VPL… I’m sure we all have and it can be the most annoying thing to deal with. Apart from making you feel so self-conscious, a VPL is pretty embarrassing and the worst part about it is that you usually never take note of it until you leave your house!

So I’ll be sharing with you a few tips on how to avoid a Visible Pant Line and the major reasons why women – and maybe men, get a VPL!


Thin fabric – For obvious reasons thin fabrics have high tendency to highlight every detail of the items beneath them. This off course means that you are more likely have a VPL if the fabric of the item you’re wearing is quite thin and this is different from being transparent.

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Tight clothing – When you wear clothes that tight and don’t fit properly, you may just be begging for a VPL. This is because when fabrics are over stretched they can become thin and for the reason I stated previously, you could get a VPL. Just because it Zips doesn’t mean it fits!




Try out thongs – Thongs or G-strings, whichever way you choose to refer to them are a great way to completely avoid a Visible Panty Line. They are the closest thing to going ‘Commando’ and this means you can be very confident that the chances of you getting a VPL is next to none when wearing a thong!

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Seamless underwear – If you’re not a fan of thongs then underwear with sleek hems are a good alternative! Lace hem underwear or boy shorts are the most commonly found kinds and they’ll definitely sort out all your VPL problems.

Thicker Fabrics – Thick layered and sturdy fabrics are less likely to highlight pant lines because of this single reason – they are thick. Imagine trying to create a dent in foil paper and a thick sheet of metal; It’s easier to create a dent in one compared to the other.

So we’ve discussed the causes and a few preventive methods and I’m sure that with all that’s been said you will never have to deal with  Visible Pant  Line anymore!

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