Factors That Facilitated The Rise Of Old Oyo Empire

Factors That Facilitated The Rise Of Old Oyo Empire

These are the factors that facilitated the rise of old Oyo Empire.

1. The Fertility Of The Land: The land around the empire was fertile which made the Oyo empire to be food production people and also made food production sufficient for them.

2.The Strategic Position Where They Are Located: The old Oyo empire was situated among the trading routes which made them the leading commercial empire.

3. Skill In Weave Making: This is another factor that facilitated the rise of old Oyo empire, because they were skilled in making weaving, dyeing, carving and decorating art. The products are sold freely in the market.

4. Connection With Other Empires: Because they were leading in commercial trade, they had a lot of connection with other empires and traded with Egypt at the coast of Novio.

5. Skilled In Making Iron: The old Oyo empire were skilled in making iron and because of that, iron became their chief defense weapon.They used this to form a strong military .

6. United: The old Oyo empire was united. They speak the same language and traded the same business. They also took Oduduwa as the founder of their race and regarded Ile Ife as the ancestral home.

In conclusion, it is important to note that the government structure of the old Oyo empire was cephalous in the sense that Alafin who is the king wielded both political and spiritual powers. Under him was the Aremo, he is the king’s son who will become the king when the king dies.

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