Factors That Aided The Age Of Discovery

Factors That Aided The Age Of Discovery

The age of discovery is the historic period of Europeans global exploration that started in 15th century in the first Portuguese discovery in the Atlanta which produced a link to the other parts of the world.

On this post today, I will explain the factors that aided the age of discovery.

1. Economic or what we can classify as commerce: Europe went on from communism to capitalism which helped them to know how to invest money on their own to make wealth.

2. Technology

3. The rise of nation state: Because of high level of ideas, the states in Europe began to emerge and began to develop.

4. The desire to go rich and spread Christianity and as such promoting their culture.

5. There was a shift in European lifestyle from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Seaboard.

6. Geography contributed to European expansionist quest to discover more.


1. The age of discovery promoted long distance trade

2. It introduced competitive rivalries in Europe

3. Europe became a dominant factor in the international system.

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