What To Expect When You Start Living With Your Boyfriend

From my personal experience, living together is actually easier than people say. Your parents might have already freaked you out with the „you are too young for that” or „what about college”, but trust me… I was 18 when I moved in with my boyfriend, just starting out at university, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Of course, it has its ups and downs, but I believe it’s a very new, joyful and surprising experience that every young adult has to face at one point. And if you feel like you’ve met the right person and ready to make the next step, go ahead.

The first weeks of living with your boyfriend aren’t the hardest

People usually say the first weeks are the most challenging, but it’s not quite the case. Chances are, you’ve known him for a long enough time and spent a lot of time at each other’s places, so for the first few weeks, it might seem like a very long sleepover. Yes, you might argue about the smallest home décor stuff at first, but once that’s over, you will probably enjoy the first few months very, very much.

It will be the time when both of you are very considerate with the other person while trying to figure out how things will work exactly. If you have different jobs or are at a different place in life, it will take some time to get used to the other person’s schedule, but if you believe he is the one, it will be worth it.


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