Endless Demands For Sex Almost Made Me Quit Acting – Peju Johnson

Peju Johnson, the voluptuous Nollywood actress, has said that she almost quit acting.

She almost quit because of the constant demand she got for s*x in exchange for roles.                                                                                  Speaking during an encounter with Sunday Scoop, she said, “I actually wanted to quit acting in the early days of my career. Firstly, the stress of going from one location to the other could be exhausting. The second reason was because of the demand for sex in exchange for roles. Many people approached me, saying they would help my career if I dated them or had sex with them. Because I declined, nobody called me for jobs. I was at home for many months without getting any roles just because I refused to sleep my way to the top. I am sure I am at this stage right now because I am not sleeping with people in the industry. I believe only God can make one a star. I am not desperate. God’s time is the best.”

Johnson also disagreed with people who were of the opinion that actors were fetish.

She said, “A lot of people believe actors are fetish. I remember that someone told a friend of mine to be careful with me because I was an actress and ‘would be fetish’. My friend just laughed and told the person that I was not such a person. My friend knows that I pray a lot and I am close to God. Some actors could be fetish but it is definitely not all of us.”

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Unlike some busty ladies who often battled back ache, Johnson maintained that having large mammary glands did not come with any side effects. She said, “Being busty does not have any side effect on me. My boobs are not too big. They are normal big boobs.”

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