Emily Yoneh – No God Like You Lyrics


Verse One :

You’re the great and mighty God
And you reign in majesty
You’re the God 
Who lives forever more
My Lord and king you’ll ever be


(Oh Oh Yeah)

Pre Chorus:

Mountains bow, and thunders roar
At the call of your name
Cos na you, Lord of Lords
No god compares with you

Chorus :

You be baba
Alpha and Omega
There’s no god like YOU 
No god like YOU
You be baba
Helper and Provider
There’s no god like YOU
No god like YOU

Verse 2:

You’re the awesome wonder
My redeemer, Saviour
My provider, You are
The strong and breasted one
You dey do the things you say you’ll do
You’re faithful to your word
All sufficient
That’s who you are…….

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Soloist Chant :

There’s no god like you
Lord of all the earth
You’re my provider
My defender
You’re my all in all
No god like you (uhh uhh)
In the heavens and in the earth…
I could search the whole wide world still I’ll never find…

Reprise :

No god (3x)
There’s no god like YOU
No god…
Lord of all the earth
There’s no god, no god
No god like YOU



No god (3x)
No god like YOU
No god (2x)
No god like YOU

(Repeat Chorus)

Fade Out…

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