Effects Of Ogiso Rule In Ancient Benin Kingdom

Effects Of Ogiso Rule In Ancient Benin Kingdom

It is said that what has advantage equally has disadvantage as well. It is important to note the effects of ogiso rule of Benin kingdom. Therefore, in this post, I am going to analyze the effects of Ogiso rule in Benin kingdom. These effects are as follows:

1. A unification of the numerous clusters of independent communities produced Benin city. It was during the Ogiso era that the independent communities in Benin kingdom was produced and equally unified.

2. Through the Ogisos rule a central authority was created over all the land. This made easier the settlement of disputes by the central authority thereby reducing the force and conflict which characterized the period before the Ogiso rule.

3. A common social sense of belonging to the same authority was created by the ogiso rule.

4. A sense of sharing of a common goal and density developed in the people.

5. The rise of Ogisos introduced monarchical traditions into the Benin political system. These have survived till date in the handsof the Oba.

6. The monarchical system introduced by Ogiso rule gave birth to the guild system and laid the foundation for the Benin chieftaincy system as well as the basic structure of politics in the kingdom.

7. The Ogiso rule created a class of royal reciters and readers of eventvon Benin called “Ughoron”

8. The preservation of Benin history and traditions today is traced to the creation of the Ughoron, a class of official recorders of the kings deeds and the history of the kingdom during the Ogiso era.

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9. The Ogiso era was reported to have created five elders called Edion n’isen of Benin kingdom. They were the Ero, Oliha, Ezomo, Oloton and Edohen, which were later incorporated into the Uzama grade of tittle holders. They owed personal locality to the Ogiso.

In conclusion, the Ogiso era is said to have originated from Odionwere system in the sense that once an Odionwere took over political leadership, worshipped the gods on behalf of the people and take responsibility for the general well being of his people which his easy acceptance determined on his capability to surround himself with supernatural attributes; then he becomes an Ogiso.


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