Download mp3: D-Man – The Blue September Tape

Introducing upcoming musical sensation known as D-Man from South Africa in a small town called Balfour. He started creating sounds from his late years of primary schooling, beating up suitcases to create rhythmic sounds to entertain his peers. Fell in love with poetry at a young age when he discovered his first crush ever. He began writing down his own rhymes during the second year of high school. Later that year he formed a group called Ballas with his friends and they started recording music together, Ballas then became known around the neighborhood, got performances and received immense attention at school. On the last year of high school 2 members decided to leave the crew and focus on school which left only 2 members D-Man and Phoko Loco. The remaining members recorded songs together and shared the stage but distance eventually affected the work and the group was no more.

Music called D-Man back after a 2 year break, the need to create music was intense and the was a lot to talk about. He started to work with local producers on songs, shared some on the net for feedback and started to work with even more producers, that’s when he came across rapper and producer Philsner. A lot of work was being put in at Philsner’s studio which lead to the release of a single called Show Me What You Got in December 2014. The single created a frenzy on social media and some neighborhoods, also getting featured by some radio stations like TransAfrica. The single got so much love that D-Man felt it would only make sense that he worked on a project. Early 2015 the project was complete and titled The Blue September Tape. Freedom was released late February as the follow up to “Show Me What You Got” and the response to the song was overwhelming. The release of the mixtape was postponed until early hours of Freedom day (27April) when D-Man announced surprisingly that he’ll be releasing the mixtape digitally that evening after a couple of time delays, the mixtape was made available that evening.


The Blue September Tape was made available on hard copy disk in June which are sold in the streets and at shows. The official launch for the mixtape took place on the 6th of August and D-Man has performed alongside South African hip hop heavy weights like Reason on the quest of promoting the mixtape. The mixtape is featuring rapper / producer Philsner, the sultry songstress Thuli Mvundla, lyrical wizard Grim, long time friend and Ballas former member Phoko Loco.



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