DJ Fresh – I wanted Bonang & Euphonik to Go to Court

DJ Fresh found himself on the firing line on Friday after a caller on his Metro FM show asked him why he never spoke out in the abuse allegations made by Bonang Matheba against her ex-boyfriend DJ Euphonik.

Fresh said he was not in a easy position at the time as they “were both people I love”.

“The one says … the other says, what do I say then? Because it’s clear that all my friends know how I feel about women abuse.”

He said DJ Euphonik “swore” to him that he never physically abused Bonang, but she said he did.

The DJ said at the time he hoped the matter had gone to court because that was the only way the truth would have come out.

“In fact, for me, that’s why I hoped that it had gone to court so it could breathe there and hopefully the truth comes out because the truth lies somewhere between the two of them.”

He could not speak out against Euphonik, because then he would have eliminated the possibility that Bonang may have been lying, so he had to stay out of it.

“It would have been premature for me to speak out against him because then I don’t I speak out about the fact that she might be lying. So I stayed out of it,” he said.

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