Conflict An Indispensable Part Of Existence

Conflict An Indispensable Part Of Existence

Human beings are faced with a lot of challenges and obstacles and conflict is one of those things that always occur in existence.

Levels Of Conflict

Conflict is the disagreement one has with another person. It operates in two level which are:
Inter-personal and
Intra-personal conflict

Inter-personal conflict are those type of conflict one has with another person. Example, having a misunderstanding with your course mate that resulted to both of you using vulgar words in school is a perfect example of inter-personal conflict. For this type of conflict to take place, there must be a contact between two or more persons.

Intra-personal conflict are the type one has with himself. Having an issue with yourself. Example of this can be seen in the conflict with destiny. Having problem with choosing the type of career. Somethings, what to eat and what to wear becomes an issue especially those that have too many clothes. They tend to always find it difficult selecting what to wear.

Conflict is what one cannot do without. It happens in everyday life. It might not necessarily comes from you. For example, you are walking in the market, mistakenly because you misplaced your leg and fell on top of tomatoes which belongs to a hot tempered lady. She insisted you pay for the damages while you try to explain to her what actually happened. On the process she picked a fight with you.

It can be said to be the necessary aspect of existence that has lessons to teach. For example, The individual above who mistakenly fell on top of the tomatoes will not allow such thing to happen again so as not to land in such trouble again. This will lead me to say that knowing the source of issue determines the resolving of it.

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To resolve a issue even if you employ the use of a mediator, must first know the source of the issue because knowing the source of the conflict goes a long way in determining how it will be solved. Example, Emeka is always having conflict with his mother everyday because he doesn’t normally wash the dirty plates which is his duty as the small boy in the house. One day, Emeka got tired of her mothers words and yelling and decided changed. He then starts washing the plates since it was the only reason that was making his mother to scold him.

Recently, I watched a small clip of a young boy of about 8 years old who called the police for her mother for beating him. When the police arrived, they asked the mother why she had to hit her son. Her reasons was that, she called her son’s teacher and discovered that her son has been skipping school. He will leave the house but will not actually get to school. After hearing that, one of the police officer took the boy to the corner, brought out his belt and ask the mother to beat him the more. Now the child became afraid because the only source of hope against his mother which is the police is now against him. The police officer had to warn the child never to behave like that again and sent him inside. Out of fear, he ran inside. That was the end of that problem. They mother who saw the police and became afraid of going to jail because she wants to discipline his son, now have to thank the police for mediating over the issue and perfectly solving it.


From the above example, you will notice that the boy will not skip school again and even if he does and her mother hits him, he will not call the police again because the first one didn’t turn out well for him. Discovering the source of issue is the backing bone towards resolving it.

Conflict is inevitable. It can occur in social gatherings, market, school, church etc. In the process of negotiation and bargaining, conflict might emerge. Especially where interest did not balance.


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