A ‘cheap date’ will cost you less in Cape Town than Joburg

Love may not cost a thing but it can leave a deep hole in your pocket‚ depending on where you go out on a date.

And it’s cheaper to go on a “cheap date” – which involves hailing a cab‚ buying movie tickets‚ a quick meal and drinks – in Cape Town than Johannesburg.

That’s according to Mapping the World’s Prices 2017‚ the latest annual survey of global prices compiled by Deutsche Bank.

The report compared the cost of the same goods and services in 47 countries around the world. Cape Town and Johannesburg were the only cities in Africa on the list.

A “cheap date” in Johannesburg will set you back in the region of R851, while a similar outing in Cape Town would cost about R686.

Zurich topped the list as the most expensive city to embark on a budget date‚ with the same routine costing R2‚564. Manila‚ capital of the Philippines was ranked as the least expensive city on the list with a date costing R513.

If a full date is likely to break the budget‚ a single movie ticket alone will set you back about R74 in Cape Town and R68 in Johannesburg. That single movie ticket would cost R235 in Zurich‚ Switzerland; R205 in Tokyo‚ Japan; R204 in New York in the US and R197 in Sydney‚ Australia.

Afterwards‚ a full course meal for two at an Italian restaurant would cost R493 in Cape Town and R455 in Johannesburg. For the real thing‚ in Milan‚ Italy that meal could cause mild indigestion with a price tag of R994.

Weekend getaways for two require a healthier bank balance. One of these jaunts‚ for two nights at a five star hotel with two pub meals‚ two restaurant dinners‚ car rental‚ some drinks and a spot of shopping could cost R10‚434 in Johannesburg. The same outing comes in at around R13‚367 in Cape Town. The most expensive weekend getaway‚ the report found was in Milan‚ Italy at R 27‚412 and the cheapest in Istanbul‚ Turkey at R9‚696. – TMG Digital


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