Characteristics Of Minoan & Mycenaean In The Greek City State

Characteristics Of Minoan & Mycenaean In The Greek City State


Greek city state developed from communal to a state where law and other exist. When they became a city state, they began to use then philosophy to develop their government. They had a general rule on how they should be governed not depending on the hands of God. They did not want their rules to be centralized on religion.

There are two Greek City States, They are:
The Minoan
The Mycenaean

1. The Minoan had a magnificent palaces whose constructions was evidence of their weight and power of the king.

2. The palaces architect and artist who decorated the walls demonstrated the sensitivity and beauty of  these palaces.

3. The palaces houses royal families, priest and government officials.

4. The palace also house the workshop where they produce decorative silver, vessels, daggers and poultry for local use and exports.

5. From archaeological evidence, we could see that the Minoan lived a peaceful life because their art did not depict any military scene.

6. Because they did not have any military organization, they were vulnerable to war lords and behold the Mycenaean invaded them and within two centuries, the Minoan vanished.

1. In the year 2000 BC, Greek speaking tribes went to Southwards into a Greek population. They fashioned the Mycenaean civilization.

2. Just like the Minoans, they build palaces that were based in parts of Critean model.

3. In these palaces, kings conducted the affairs of the state and priest and priestess perform religious and cultural ceremony.

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4. They also had workshop like the Minoan where they practice tailors, smith, chariot builders.

5. They were traders who exchanged goods both internal and external. These goods were exchanged when the people of Egypt, Tunisia, Sicily, Southern Italy, Macedonia and the Western coast of Asia.

6. In the apex, the king headed the arm forces, controlled production and trade and was the highest judicial authority. Assisting him were Aristocrats who were officials in the army and hold key positions in the administration of the city. At the bottom of the social pyramid were slaves mostly foreign prisoners of war.

7. These Mycenaean consisted of smaller states, each having its own ruling dynasty . It reached its peak or height of civilization by 1400 – 1230 BC


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