Cape02 TIPS: What Is Paypal ? Can I Use Paypal In Nigeria?

Paypal is a simple and affordable payment solution for online entrepreneurs. It is one of the most popular payment options available online. Paypal is used worldwide, though some countries are not allowed to use it.

Paypal offers different solutions. You can integrate your website with Paypal and start collecting payments from your customers via Paypal. For small online businesses, even for those that do not have websites, you can easily receive payments from your customers through Paypal.

What Do I Need To Open Paypal Account?
To open a Paypal account, you will need:

1. A bank account in one of the allowed countries.
2. A residential address in one of the allowed countries.
3. A valid phone number in one of the allowed countries
4. A credit card to be used to verify the account after it is opened.

So, Can I Use Paypal In Nigeria?
Many affiliate programs and other money-making schemes which majority of Nigerians engage in online, usually pay their customers via Paypal, hence, the reason why it is a popular word on the lips of most Nigeria web surfers.

You can use Paypal in Nigeria but it is ILLEGAL with regards to Paypal Terms as at the time of posting this article.Nigeria is one of the countries banned by Paypal. Despite Nigeria been banned, many people have found ways of opening and verifying Paypal account in Nigeria.

Those Nigerians using Paypal in Nigeria know how to handle the requirements above. It is advisable to be very careful while using Paypal from Nigeria, if not, you might lose thousands of dollars just within a twinkle of an eye.  Once Paypal finds your account to be suspicious, IT WILL BE FROZEN, no matter how much you have in there. Sounds scary..right?..don’t worry, you just have to be SMART. Before choosing Paypal, it is advisable that you read reviews on websites such as

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