CAPE02 TIPS: How communication works in relationships

Once communication dies in your relationship, you’ve snuffed life out of that love.

Communication is the heartbeat of relationship.

Once it slows down or fades, the relationship gets buried under a rubble of unexpressed feelings, resentment, feelings of under-appreciation, rejection and emotional distance.

Partners could literally see each other or maybe live under the same roof. Without great communication that touches on every sphere of their lives and reaches deep into their souls, they might as well be living a millions apart.

This goes to show just how important communication is in relationships. But just exactly how does communication work?

1. Needs to be learnt

People are different and the way to communicate with each individual is often different too.

You need to understand what works for your partner by being sensitive and also asking questions.

Some people are moved by written words, and some love to look into your eyes as you speak with them.

Gentle words worked for your ex doesn’t mean it’ll work for this new babe. She might respond to a voice that’s a bit firmer when you’re passing across a serious message.

The point is; learn how to communicate with your partner specially.

2. Starts slow

Communication is tightly linked with trust; and this explains why it starts slow.

As communication builds one day at a time, so does trust. And when trust increases, so does communication because you and your partner become unafraid to share anything and everything with each other.


3. Has to be total

Communicate everything – your emotions, feelings, fears, anger, unhappiness, compliments, concerns, dreams, past, and present and everything else.


Ask questions when you need answers and be a good listener when the answers come.

And of course, no secrets, people.

4. It’s not always fun

Sometimes you have to call out your partner’s bullshit. You are supposed to help your partner become a better person.

And in order to achieve this, there will be times to call their attention to something they are not doing right. It won’t be as fun as the nights when you’re cuddled up saying sweet nothings… but it is needed.

The truth is quite hard to swallow sometimes but you just have to communicate it.

5. It dies

Think of it as a plant that needs water to survive. You can’t neglect to communicate properly with your partner – and there’s an emphasis on properly here.

You can’t afford to fall short in communication because once it dies, it won’t be long before your relationship follows.

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