CAPE02 TIPS: 7 Things A Wise Woman Won’t Ever Do


The majority of women think that men owe them something all the time. As a result, such philosophy can leave your relationships without trust and mutual respect. Very often, women understand their fault too late, so let’s go through the most common mistakes the fair sex does to make sure the relationships with your significant other are in a good state.

#1 – A wise woman is self-sufficient

A wise woman is capable of taking care of herself and maintaining herself in the financial aspect. This doesn’t regard to children, though, if the woman wants to contribute to providing for a family, she is more than welcome to. Of course, if the man wants to support his woman financially, he can do it, but he is not obliged to.

#2 – A wise woman doesn’t ask her man to abandon things he likes doing


Don’t ever ask your man to leave his work earlier or to give up on his hobby just to spend more time with you. A wise mature woman understands that it will only make her man unhappy as all our lives consist not only of family and our beloved ones but of other quite important things.

#3 – A wise woman doesn’t make her man abandon his friends and relatives


There might be some of his friends you barely stand but it doesn’t mean he should cut ties with them. You cannot imagine how much the longlasting friendship is important for men. And our relatives are important for all of us, even if they irritate us sometimes.

#4 – A wise woman doesn’t ask to share her interests


If he hates dancing and you are dreaming of dancing salsa with him, you shouldn’t insist if he declines your invitation to a salsa class. Just imagine if he drags you to go fishing on Sunday morning at 5 am. The people might not share each other’s interests, but it doesn’t speak about absence of love and mutual respect.

#5 – A wise woman doesn’t force her man to become different


The woman who knows the real price for the relationships doesn’t demand from her partner to change. She falls in love with a real person, knowing that people change only when they themselves want to. On the contrary to that, men appreciate those women who accept them as such and only unassumingly inspire them to change.

#6 – A wise woman doesn’t ask him to ignore other women


Look the truth in the face: men cannot but give an eye to beautiful women. This would come in contradiction with their nature. Women also take notes of attractive people and there is nothing you can do with it. Just take it easy.


A wise woman doesn’t require any proofs from her partner. When the relationships are built on trust, she will never ask him to show his cell phone or give a password from his mailbox. A mature person would consider such actions as disrespect and he would be right.

Be a wise woma


#7 – A wise woman trusts her man

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