CAPE02 TIPS: 6 Things Mature Man Won’t Ever Do

Have you ever considered when exactly a man grows up and what does it mean? Some boys grow up beyond their years and some stay childish until their 30s. So what are those special features that differentiate an emotionally mature man and a little child?

He won’t criticize your appearance

“Why don’t you die your hair in a blond color?”, “Why don’t you lose a couple of kilos?” – the man who loves you will never say about your appearance anything like this. If he says something like this, it doesn’t mean he wants to help. All he wants to do is to decrease your self-esteem to assert himself and to make sure you won’t leave him. Mature men don’t do anything like that.

He will not break into your private space

In healthy relationships, there is no necessity to hide anything from each other. However, it doesn’t mean that your partner has the right to jostle or read your personal chats. If your man does anything like this, he demonstrates nothing but a lack of self-confidence.

He doesn’t consider sensuality as an express of weakness

Being manful doesn’t mean one should be as hard as nails. A wise man is not afraid to be judged for him expressing his sensuality and sentimentality. He just knows he won’t lose his manhood if he expresses some bits of emotion. Besides, it contributes to more healthy relationships.

He doesn’t live for the day

Some men can spend the rest of his salary for the “royal dinner” having forgotten that for this money he and his family should have lived one more week. Such men are not ready to plan ahead and think about the consequences. If in youth it is considered normal, in adult ages it seems quite weird. It doesn’t mean you should learn without spontaneity. You should just always remember about tomorrow.

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He won’t let you feel you are in the second place after his friends

Men need to spend time in a male company a couple of times a week. It is necessary for their psychological comfort. But a wise man understands that his true life companion is the woman he has chosen. And that man who listens to his friends’ advice ignoring the opinion of his woman has definitely some psychological problems regarding their strong dependence on other people’s opinion. However, such men think they just underline their significance and independence.

He respects you and will never expose you to any kind of abuse

Both physical and moral abuse regard to this kind of issue. At the sign of any kind of abuse, leave immediately! Don’t seek for excuses for such person even if he explains his actions with a difficult childhood or a hard day.

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