CAPE02 TIPS: 3 things to never compromise on

In a relationship, you can’t completely do away with compromise.

There is a very high tendency that you’ll have to overlook some things, to let go of your comfort zone sometimes so as to meet your partner halfway.

And it’s a cool way to show your willingness to make the relationship click into place. But there’s a limit to where you can take this.

There are three things you cannot over look in a relationship. They are listed below:

1. Boundaries

There are boundaries that need to be set in every relationship. What you’ll take and what you won’t.

This is not necessarily spelt out as partners often reach a common ground after being together after a while. But if the need ever rises, you absolutely have to express this.

It helps your partner know what you’ll take and what you absolutely won’t.


2. Respect

Who talks about love and happy relationships without respect?

It is highly impossible for a relationship to last or happy when one partner does not understand how respect works, or shows an unwillingness to live by it.

If you are with someone who shows regular signs of disrespect, don’t try to make excuses for them. It’s probably just going to get worse.

3. Friendships

Don’t let go of great friendships because of a relationship and try to call it compromise.

The great friends you had/have should be kept. They have their space and roles in your life and your partner has to get used to that.

If you’re with someone who tries to block all the great friendships you have, it is a red flag that you shouldn’t ignore.

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