How to calculate Indica dosage?

Actually, many people consume cannabis because of various reasons. Some of them smoke weed due to the medical prescription, others in order to get rid of the pain or fall asleep. Also, some people consume marijuana because of getting pleasure, etc.


In any way, first, you should get know what effect you want to get. In a case, if you want to be active during the whole day, you need to take Sativa strains. And if you want to get high, relax, and fall asleep, you need to purchase Indica strains (it will be better to order your high-quality cannabis on the Internet shop “”). But all of us may need the different dosage.


Indica Strains


Usually, Indica strains are thought to be a sedative remedy. For example, if you have sleep problems, headache, strong pain, muscular spasms, phobia, fear, the lack of appetite, insomnia, etc.


Actually, it seemed to be very strange that people with some physical and permanent pains may address Indica strains. But still, there are some scientific definitions of this fact. The first point of view is that the Indica strain can cause relaxation process. As a result, you will forget about your fears, muscle tension, all kinds of pain, etc. You will just relax and get pleasure.


Or it may even cause a sleeping process. In other words, if you have some sleep problems or you feel some pain, you can consume your Indica strains to forget about such issues. By the way, from the medical point of view, the good and healthy sleep is the best remedy. So, in other words, while sleeping you substitute your ache or problem with the sleep.



However, there are some types of Indica strain, which can combine these two effects. As a result, you will relax and be sleepy at the same time. But still, you should be very attentive and careful while consuming your cannabis because you should choose the right place and right hours. Do not consume Indica strains before going to sleep because, in accordance with Indica dosage calculation, some doses can provide you only with a short sleeping process, so as a result, you will wake up very often.


Indica dosage calculation


So, speaking about the calculation of Indica dosage, there are some theories how to do it in a right way. It is not a surprise that all people may need different doses. But still, the normal dosage can be 5-20 mg of cannabis.


Well, the first method for the calculation of Indica dosage is to use special programs. There are many calculators online, or you can install such apps to your computer.


The second way is to do it by yourself. So, if we are talking about flowers, you will need 0.25 – 0.5 grams of cannabis. Then wait for some period and see the reaction of your organism. For some people, this dose will be full enough. Speaking about the edibles, 10 mg will be enough, then wait for a half of an hour. In the case, if there will not be any reaction you can increase the dosage by adding 5 mg till you reach the desired effect. As for the hemp, 2.5 – 10 mg is a normal dose. In any way, you should start with the minimal dose and then add if it is necessary.


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To sum up, there are different types of cannabis. But still, if you need something to help you cope with stress, forget about the pain, relax, and fall asleep, you can try Indica strains (order here “”). Moreover, now you know how to calculate and find out your personal Indica dosage.

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