Burna Boy Speaks On His Desire To Cross Over To The American Music Industry

Nigerian singer, Burna Boy has opened up on his actual desire concerning crossing over to the American music industry.

In an interview with The Fader, the Afrobeat singer who is fast gaining international recognition, revealed that his actually desire is to cross foreigners over to African music.

”Yeah, I care about crossing over, but like in the opposite way. It’s like I want to come here (US) and cross you over to where I am (Africa). Because where i am is the actual home or the beginning”, Burna Boy said.

Speaking on whether African music is accomplishing giant strides abroad, Burna Boy said, ”It’s being accomplished because now everyone I come across is proud to be African”

When asked if he feels Nigeria is being misunderstood by outsiders, the singer said even insiders misunderstand the country.

”Nigeria is being misunderstood by insiders. I can guarantee you that at least 90% of my age group considered the youth had no clue about the real origins of Nigeria.

”There’s so much truth that need to be known. The only thing that can save the youth is knowledge and financial independence” he said.

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