Blesser Serge Cabonge has his own reality show in the making

Well-known blesser Serge Cabonge is determined to kill the “misconceptions” around the lavish lifestyle through his very own reality show.

The popular blesser confirmed to TshisaLIVE that he has already began shooting “The Bachelor”  themed show, which is based on his life.

“I will have a reality show where my life is on full display. In the show, which will also take a Bachelor-like approach, you will see what qualifies a person to be a blesser or a blessee. I want to correct the existing misconceptions of my kind of lifestyle,” he said.

The wealthy businessman said it is too soon to share the channel or name of the reality show.

However, he told TshisaLIVE that the show is based on his own reality and will give viewers a bird’s eye view of what it takes to be a blesser or blessee.

“People will see the fancy shopping and other nice things my girls get, but they will also see that being a blesser is about more that transactional sex, in fact, the aim is that they see that as a blesser I care for feelings and drive behind why a woman may want to be my blessee,” Serge explained.

Serge is one of the most popular blessers in South Africa and he has his mind set on re-defining what the term “blesser” means.

He said he wants to “give the message to the world” that women deserve the utmost respect.

“Your husband or boyfriend can be a blesser, so being a blesser is about more than money. People will see in the show, that protecting and caring for these women is a priority for me,” he said.

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The hot new show is expected to hit local TV screens in the next few months.

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