BIOGRAPHY: Bankole Vindicate (Bankz the Realtor)

Bankole Vindicate Timileyin Known as Bankz the Realtor, is an international Realtor, CEO of Vitima homes and properties (RC: 1968205), he was born 1st April 2002 in Lagos Nigeria. He attended , Triple P heritage school, Boldstar school and great topeb academy.
Trained automobile engineering at Napmantronix ltd.
Learnt and did computer engineering in 2020 at Techies Africa.
Due to his wonderful performance on different properties sales events and his lifestyle that caught a lot of attention from different media houses, Bankz as he is called has won a lot of Awards/prizes on his wonderful performance.



Bankole Vindicate is an entrepreneur and a Lagos based real estate investment expert and CEO of Vitima homes and properties, he is mostly known as Bankz the Realtor. He has been able to assist his clients and partners buy the best real estate properties and offers that has given the best return of investment, Bankole Vindicate was a delegate of the Africa’s largest realtors conference by Lagos Business School (LBS) and Veritasi Homes, he is also a multi award wining real estate expert in partnership with different real estate developing companies.
He is a lead consultant at one of the top rising real estate consulting firm , peak performance business network PPBN.
His aim and goal is to assist as many as possible Nigerians build wealth through real estate and properties.

For more info please do contact:
Tel: +2347012732242

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