Arab Conquest Of The Maghreb

Arab Conquest Of The Maghreb

By 704 and 711 A.D, the Arabs overran the western part of the Maghreb carrying out minimal conversions of the Islamic faith.

After the conquest of the Maghreb the Umayyad discovered that throughout most of the Maghreb, no single controlling authority could be found to surrender to allow the Arabs to rule through an existing administrative framework as they had done in Egypt and Syria.

Moreover, the Sedentary Berbers of present day Morocco and Algeria were in control of that part of Maghreb. And the whole of Maghreb with the exception of the coast was controlled by are different Berber groups. So that in spite of the story about alien rules,the Berbers had enjoyed de factor independence in most part of the Maghreb for more than three centuries.

Even with the Arabs and Islam in their mist, neither the Sedentary Berbers nor the nomadic Berbers of the hinterland were willing to give up power.

However, in spite of the struggle of the Berber against alien domination, the Maghreb became a sanctuary for fugitives from Arabia this period onward.

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