Aminé – Stfu Lyrics

Ay man, say man
We starting to get really tired all that, all that hoopty hollering
Whoopty whoo, blaze blah y’all been talking lately, man
Go somewhere with all that, man, for real, shut up, shut up
All that talking y’all been doing man, for real
“I’ma do this, I’ma do that,” ugh

–Verse 1–
Every day you’re talking, every day you’re in my ears
And every time we fighting, I gotta go and wipe your tears
‘Cause if I don’t do, you gon’ throw your problems on me
And then we’ll fuss and fight when I just really wish you’d…

Shut the fuck up, don’t complicate it
Shut the fuck up, you’re overexaggerating
Shut the fuck up, you’ll have some patience
Shut the fuck up, quit giving me hell

–Verse 2–
We keep locking eyes, petty so you’re silent
You keep talking signs, heart is in the science
Sleep, weep, don’t cry on me, don’t die on me
All up in my face with the oochie wally wally
Sounding like girls at a party on the molly
I ain’t tryna link or build
Bubble space, bubble space, still, nigga, chill (Move)
Oh, you got a chain? Sick
Oh, you got some fame? Sick
Got a new Rolex and you knew he had to flex
‘Cause the hoes gon’ check
500K in my stash
Why you flex the only couple hundreds that you have?
Screw needing security for your insecurity
Calling niggas broke, you should choke on your own words
Name dropping, pick cropping, dick hopping, bill dodging
Boy, you know who you are
Man, why you wanna try so hard?
Be yourself, be yourself and please

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Shut the fuck up, don’t complicate it
Shut the fuck up, you’re overexaggerating
Shut the fuck up, you’ll have some patience
Shut the fuck up, get out my head

I’m waiting my whole life, but I’m tired, tired of wishing for you
I’m waiting patiently, but my mischief wishing for something new

–Verse 3–
Money come right back, never had to fight that
But I come back, back
Thought it was a night cap, life hit a hijack
Girl, let’s be face, face
Heartbreak Drake for my first heartbreak
I was 17 and I made mistakes
Went to dances but I never did dance
Got pretty fly, but I never did pan
Now I’m 23, loving and learning from all the lovers that I see
Nissan babes with the body burgundy
Love my car same way I used to love key
Friends need a Uber, sis need tuition
Fans want the music, but they want a politician
Pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure
Shut the fuck up, I don’t need the extras
Spice girls sitting in the red Mercedes
Attitude like I’m tryna have your babies
But I ain’t tryna have no babies
No, I ain’t tryna have no baby

Been waiting my whole life but I’m tired
Tired of wishing for you
I’m waiting patiently but my mischief
Wishing for something new


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