Advantages Of Meroe Over Napata



Moroe which was the new capital of Kush during the period of it’s existence developed into a major center for the extraction and manufacturing of iron, causing archeologist to describe it as “the Birmingham” of Africa. The huge and extensive mounds of iron sky it left behind testify to its significance as an early center of iron working in Africa. Meroe rulers made iron their chief weapon of defense.

The Advantages Of Meroe Over Napata can be likened to what the Kushite enjoyed in the new land which they could not or at a moment stopped enjoying at the old capital. They are:

1. In the new location, they possessed most farmland than they had while in Napata or Upper Egypt.

2. In the new land, it was possible for them to practice extensive rainfall.

3. They also grew cotton, sorghum, millet, and other cereals.

4. They raised cattle and other livestock. Cattle became a principal source of wealth.

5. The Meroites also developed a mixed farming economy that was able to support a large urban population.

6. The Meroites also became prominent for raising, training, and exporting elephants.

7. Meroe also became a tourist centre that attracted exotic frontier kingdom.

8. They also built monument palace and temple.

Finally, Kush while at Napata and later Meroe developed extensively as a result of Egyptian influence. The Assyrian influence in the people also led to a new civilization which is recorded as Meroe greatest achievement, that is the process of iron smelting. Account for the emergence of a new civilization in Meroe. It is also significant to note that with its flourishing agriculture and abundant natural resources, Meroe developed into a middle man state. An ideal entrepot on the caravan routes and a major artery of trade. A far reaching network of trade developed, linking Meroe first with Egypt and inner Africa. The Egyptian religion was also practiced in Meroe. The Egyptian god, Amun was the most important source of legitimate authority.

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