The Achievement Of Ghana Empire


In Ancient Ghana two separate states developed simultaneously. Several North Africa traders of the Sahara who converted to Islam as a result of the Arab conquest of 8th century were welcome to the capital by emperor of Ghana. Although the emperor was not a Muslim, he believed in Ghana’s tradition religious, but he allowed the Muslims to build a town on their own.

The town of Muslim traders were ten kilometers away from the emperor’s own town with its surrounding settlements. These Muslim traders built their houses in stone. This brought style and glamor to the environment. The king capital was undoubtedly moved from one place to another. However, Ghana last capital lays at KumbiSaleh about 320 kilometers north of modern Bamako. At the height of its prosperity, before 1240 A.D, the city of Kumbi was evidently the biggest West African City of it’s day, and had as many as 15,000 inhabitants or even more.

King Tunka Manin was one of the most powerful king in the Empire. So powerful was this king that he could put out 200,000 warriors in the field, more than 40,000 of them being armed with bows and arrows. But the real strength of Ghana armies came from their power in iron-pointed spear. Their weapons, like their government, we’re stronger than those of their neighboring people’s; it was the strength that helped them build an empire.

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