7 Promises Partners Should Be Able To Make To Each Other

Whether married or not, being in a romantic relationship requires you to always do right by your partner. You owe them that much.

You do not have to wait to get to the altar before deciding to do right by your partner.

The very fact that you and someone are an item places some duties and responsibilities on you, even if the relationship has yet to mature to marriage.

Below are seven promises that everyone needs to make before entering into a romantic relationship.

Even though there is actually no obligation to state it out loud to your partner as they do at weddings, you still have to make the decisions nonetheless

  1. Listen

All great relationships are built on communication, and to enjoy the best of that, you must pledge in your heart to not only be willing to talk and pour out your mind to your partner, but more importantly, to listen.

  1. Learn

No matter how many relationships you have been in before, you’d need to realise that your present partner is different and is wired in a separate manner.

To make things work and keep the romance alive, you have to be determined to calmly study them and learn the things that make them tick.

What pleased your ex might piss off your next. as long as you learn from them together, your relationship will continue to flourish.

  1. Make your partner better

Partners should vow in their hearts to assist each other become better people. Support each other, cheer each other’s successes and help the other up in the instance that they slip and fall.

  1. Create and spend quality time together
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Time is one of the things that a partner should never be denied of. Deciding to actually loves someone is basically a promise to see as much of them as possible – to be there for them in good and bad.

Do not fail to fulfil this vow.

  1. Care about your partner‘s interests

Love involves subjecting yourself to things you normally would not do. Many guys would rather not fashion shows or attend fashion events, many ladies would rather not watch football or play video games, but in love, you have to vow to share some of these moments with your partner.

You’ll end up spending extra time together, and in the process creating some treasurable memories.

  1. Dont try to change them

You probably wouldn’t be in love with them in the first instance if they were different.

  1. Prioritize them

Don’t miss phone calls, and when you can’t help that from happening, return the calls as soon as you can. If you can’t promise yourself to steadfastly stick to this promise, you might not be ready for a relationship.


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