5 Reasons Why Good Girls Love Dating Bad Boys

It has always been said that opposites attract but when it comes to relationships one have to open one’s eyes very well and know who is right for one before one jumps into a relationship that might end up to be the path of your own self-destruction.

It is not hard to know that most good girls always love to go into relationships with bad boys which in most cases does not end up because it is like mixing water with oil, it doesn’t blend at all. Many people keep wondering why good girl always date bad boys, well here are some reasons why they do.

1. She may have seen something familiar: “Let’s say her father or brothers were bad boys, she may just notice the same emotional traits and characteristics in a bad boy she likes and this will make it easier to date him”.

2. She wants someone who is a complete opposite: “She may want to come out of her shell, take the risk and find someone who goes at a faster pace than she does”.

3. She thinks he needs to be saved: “A good girl may see a bad boy as having a troubled soul hence his horrible attitude, she thinks the only way to save him from himself is to begin a relationship hoping he would learn in the long run”.

4. She thinks she can fix him: “Many “good girls” enter into relationships with guys who are on the wild side is the drive to rescue or to salvage what she may see as a troubled soul, in reality changing a personality is impossible unless the other person recognizes the issue and genuinely wants to make a change to keep the relationship healthy”.


5. She wants something totally new: “For some women choosing a guy who is a complete opposite and offers a change of pace, new adventure and even a bit of controlled risk is a big attractor, however, women often fail to understand that the risk-taking isn’t something that is carefully thought out and, with time, the risk will increase and the adventure will become more and more stressful and destructive”.

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