4 Reasons Why A-Reece Should Have Stayed With Ambitiouz Entertainment

It’s been months now since A-Reece left Ambitiouz Entertainment and we’ve been observing the growth of the wonderkid ever since. While at it, we’ve come to a conclusion that the now 20 year old rapper would have been better off staying with AE or at least signing with another high profile record label.

et’s take a look at the 4 reasons why we came up with this.


A-Reece revealed he wasn’t getting paid enough by Ambitiouz Entertainment but one thing we all know is that his career is well funded. The rapper’s debut project Paradise was well promoted and produced more than 3 high quality videos.

Since Reece left the label however we are yet to see him in any music video. His singles are of high quality, but are they promoted and marketed well enough? Only one of his song has made it to iTunes.


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