3 things lovers should never get tired of doing for each other

If you relentlessly do the 3 things listed below, there will be far more joy in the relationship/marriage than gloom.

People want to always be happy, to always see and hear things that’ll gladden their souls and excite their minds.

Among other things, the knowledge that someone loves you, that they would do anything for you and that they cannot imagine their lives without you in it ultimately contributes to this happiness, and when these things are not in place, it won’t be long before dissatisfaction, resentment and unhappiness creeps in to eat away the foundation on which the relationship is based.

So, for lovers, whether married or not, the pursuit of happiness in the relationship can obviously never be understated.

But how does one maintain that happiness, especially if the relationship is long-term or meant to be forever?

How does one keep another person happy all day, everyday and forever?

ow does one keep another person happy all day, everyday, forever?

The truth is all days cannot be sunshine and resplendent colours; but if you do the 3 things listed below, there will be far more joy in the relationship/marriage than gloom.

1. Continue learning about each other

Change is only constant, and if you stay with someone long enough, chances are that some of their preferences and opinions will change with time.

Partners need to always be on the lookout for new information about each other. By observation and by communication.

Making efforts to always see your partner happy

2. Showing affection

Dwelling more on the physical part of this; you need to realise that your partner’s body will not remain  banging and tight like that forever.

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At that stage, your validation is needed more than ever, and your words and actions should show that you are still your partner’s number one fan.

Hold hands, don’t shy away from random kisses… and who says those sneaky booty rubs you used to do in the beginning has to ever stop?

Don’t ever give up on trying to please your partner

3. Trying

It all boils down to the effort you put into the relationship or marriage.

Don’t ever stop trying to impress your babe. Don’t get too comfortable in a relationship to take your partner and their needs for granted.

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