2019: APC uncovers plot to blackmail party Leadership (DETAILS)


Below is a statement from the APC youth rennaisance group;

“It has come to our knowledge that some dissidents within the party in Taraba State in connivance with the enemies of our party within and outside the state have perfected plans to launch vitriolic and unrestrained attacks against the national leadership of the party over its decision to stick to party constitution and guidelines in dealing with the unnecessary and instigated crisis that greeted our last congresses in the state.

Their plan is to blackmail, demonize and use unfounded allegations and planted stories couched with negative narratives as well as threat of massive defection to coerce and compel the leadership of the party to execute their selfish and anti-party agenda.

These party disideraters resorted to the use of blackmailing techniques when it became clear to them that the leadership of the party is unperturbed and resolute in its move to invoke relevant sections of the party’s constitution against erring members who conducted parallel congresses in the state as against it’s stipulated guidelines and principles.

It will be recalled that the national secretariat of the party had earlier warned party members to stick to the guidelines marshaled out for use in the last congresses, but some members whose loyalties are elsewhere in the state ignored it because it will amount to betraying their paymasters.

As a result, they went and conducted parallel State Congress not monitored by the Chairman and Secretary of the Congress Committee sent to the state by the national Secretariat of the party.

Hence, we support the move by the leadership of our party to wield the big stick against erring members in Taraba State because no organisation not even a political party can grow or survive without enforcing discipline or taking disciplinary measures against defaulters.

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Their threat of causing the party to loose elections in Taraba State is not only an empty threat, but also an unveiled expression of their real mission in to the party before it was busted with the aid of credible and superior intelligence.

How can a group of paper-weight politicians whose loyalties are elsewhere and who only joined the party about six months ago be threatening it of losing election whereas they were not in our fold when the party won most seats in the State House of Assembly as well as House of Representatives in 2015 general elections?

Therefore, we urge the national leadership of our great party as well as the authentic leadership of the party in the state led by Alhaji Abdulmumini Vaki and all genuine party members, stakeholders and supporters not to be distracted by the antics of the gold-diggers in our midst.

Since, their plots to scatter the party in the state have failed, it is natural that they will go back to their paymasters by calling it massive defection when it is ‘selfish defection’ in the real sense.

We therefore challenge them to state the level of their affinity with Obasanjo Third Force Coalition as well as their association with the PDP government in the state.

It it however needles to restate that no amount of blackmail or threats by any individual or groups can stop the national leadership of the party from doing the right thing nor prevent the party from winning elections in the state next year.”

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