12 Things You Need To Know About Play Boys

Although, being a handsome face has it’s own perks, there are some things that you experience.
1. First of all, the life of a fine boy is a sad and lonely one. It’s harder for you to find love than the average regular looking guy.
(some girls… they just tell you straight to your face that dating a fine boy is stress to them… Like I don’t understand 😂😂😂…. just for show off – “my boo is cute” finish but can’t date him)
Fine boys are friendzoned more than any other human being on the face of the earth

2. Women generally don’t take you seriously. No matter how romantic you try to be or how sincere your feelings towards them are. They assume you want to play with them or trying to toy with their feelings.
You’ll be sitting there single, sad and lonely with your “fineboyness” looking at all those ugly guys happily in relationships.😫

3. To women of the world, You’re a play boy. Don’t even try to fight it. All fine boys are players. You tell a girl you love her and she goes like:

“Awww how many girls have you told that today?”😢

Relationships are not for you. You’re better as a chop and clean mouth side booty nigga.

4. When you finally manage to find a girlfriend that takes you serious, she doesn’t ever seem to trust you…..She stalks you on facebook and instagram all day. The moment you drop your phone, she’s scrolling through your call log😢😥😕
your WhatsApp and checking your DMs. She’s constantly looking for incriminating evidence to indict you with; and even when she doesn’t find one, She still says you’re a player… Now to her you are king of destroying evidence.

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5. You always have girlfriends you’ve never met or don’t remember asking out. Sometimes, you don’t even know these women. But nobody believes you have nothing with them because you’re fine boy. You’re a terrible liar.

6. People never believe you when you tell them you’re broke. They’ll be like, “Why you go talk say you no get money na? As you fine like this” 😂…. As if recession is afraid of fine faces.(Lol)😂

7. People often think you’re gay. It’s even worse if you wear fitted stuffs. Gay men always make passes at you….

8. Older women assume you’re a gigolo. This one is quite flattering but still, come on! You’re old enough to be my mother! (Just saying)

9. Some people always assume you don’t have sense.😫
You’re this ornamental human that’s only good at looking good and nothing else. That’s why most fine boys end up as models and actors.😭

10. If your boss happens to be a man, he’ll hate you. He’ll think the only thing he’s paying you for is to shag all your female coworkers. (LWKMD!!)😂😂

11. Your neighbors are always snitching on you. Nothing will end your relationship faster than having your girlfriend interact with them. These people don’t know the difference between “just friends” and “girlfriend”

12. Last but not least, you’re constantly s*xually harassed by females. Right from when you were a child. But you can’t even complain or do anything because a man can never be s*xually assaulted according to Nigerian mentality.

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So when you see girls complaining on Facebook about thirsty men sliding in their DMs you just shake your head and think to yourself, “Woman, you have no idea”.

So, if you still think a handsome face is nothing but a bed of roses, think again bruh.

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