I watched her leave the house for the last time’ – Du Boiz on his mom’s death

Young rapper Du Boiz found solace in music which helped him deal with the grief of his losing his mother.

du-b-300x190 I watched her leave the house for the last time' - Du Boiz on his mom's death

The muso’s mother died when he was just 10 years old, a day he told TshisaLIVE he will never forget.

“I was a real mama’s boy and would spend so much of my time with her. I remember everything, from the moment she started getting sick to the day I watched her leave the house for the last time. I was heartbroken but I was glad because she was in pain [before her death],” he said.

The rapper, who recently collaborated with US star Tyga, said he was able to find the depth of his talent in the pain he felt.

“You can never be an entertainer without pain. Some of the greatest talents in the entertainment industry battled depression and pain. I drew from my pain and put it into my music,” he said.

The deeply personal experience will form part of an upcoming project he is working on.

His only hope for the unnamed project is that it will make his father and grandmother proud.

“Everything I do is to make my dad and my grandmother proud. It was difficult after mother’s death but they helped me so much,” he said.

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